Marissa Lee Harris

Namaste! I bow to you.


Updated 5/24/2018

I am thrilled  to be subbing Mysore Ashtanga for Paige Warthen while she teaches retreats in Europe and Africa this summer!

Thursday May 31- Thursday June 21

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 

6:40 am-8:30 am Mysore Ashtanga

Kettlebell Sanctuary at S. Buffalo and Sunset in SW Las Vegas

Several payment options available--contact me for information.

In-Depth Yoga Trainings:         

JULY 2018 "Deepen Your Practice"--100 hours of small-group instruction for yoga practitioners who want to delve deeper into yoga practice and philosophy.

This training is tentatively scheduled--more information coming soon!


Mysore Ashtanga:

The Mysore class is named after the city in south India where Pattabhi Jois taught this dynamic asana sequence. Mysore class is for self-led practice of the Ashtanga asana sequence in a group setting, with the teacher present to provide guidance, assistance, and instruction as needed. Appropriate for sincere students of all levels of experience--beginners are taught the posture sequence in this class. We chant the invocation at 3:40.

-Thursdays, 3:30-5:30 pm at Blue Sky Yoga in downtown Las Vegas. Cash only--Pay what you can.

*LAST CLASS will be Thursday 5/31/2018

Led Primary Series Ashtanga:

The led class is an opportunity for Ashtanga students to have the sequence of postures and the transitions between them clarified and reinforced in their memories. Instruction emphasizes the posture names, gazing points (Drishti) and breath counts. For seasoned practitioners, the led class is a fun group practice. We begin with the Ashtanga invocation at 3:40, so everyone has time to meet each other and be social for a few minutes. After practicing the primary series (which takes about 75 minutes), I lead the group through some Sanskrit chanting, breathing exercises (Pranayama), and we usually sit together for five minutes at the end. This challenging class is open to all levels--do what you are able to.

-Fridays, 3:30-5:30 pm at Blue Sky Yoga in downtown Las Vegas. Cash only--Pay what you can. No class on the first Friday of each month.

*LAST CLASS will be Friday 5/25/2018

Updated 5/24/2018:

Namaste, Friends! I have a temporary schedule for June 2018, with exciting developments to follow! See below for details.